200 XLV

by Sprint Electric

Linear DC Motor Control Up To 2 Amps

For your applications where you require a battery or unregulated DC source. The 200xlv will motor and brake in both directions of rotation. Uses DC supply source from 12 - 48 volts.

Able to fit in the palm of your hand, this DC motor controller is ultra compact.
A cost effective way for you to control small low voltage brushed DC motors or gearmotors up to 48 Volts. Provision for back panel or DIN rail mounting means you can install quickly. And Plug-in screw terminals make it easier to use.
This model is ideal for installations that require low electrical noise operation. e.g. security cameras,  XY tables.


  • Ideal for small DC motors and linear actuators up to 48V
  • Motor and brake in both directions
  • Fast response
  • Dimensions 82 x 40 x 50 (mm) H x W x D
  • Easily interfaced for limit switch operation
  • High bandwidth with linear output
  • Ideal for noise sensitive applications

Technical Highlights

  • +ve and -ve differential speed inputs
  • Current limit protection
  • Armature or tach feedback operation
  • Setpoint ramp facility
  • Accepts bipolar or unipolar command inputs
  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
  • +/-2A output, with 150% overload capability
  • Built in thermal protection with resettable trip
  • 3 term PID control action
  • Position control facility


Voltage Limit For DC motors with a maximum voltage ratings from +/-6V up to +/-48V 
Current Limit 0 to +/-2 amps continuous, +/-3 amps peak
Input Supply 12 to 48V DC, +/-25%
Presets Max speed limit IR comp 0 to 6 ohms
References Precision current limited voltages references +10V, +5V, 5mA max
Speed Inputs Differential inputs
Control Action P or P+I or PID, armature, tacho or position feedback

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