by Sprint Electric

DC Motor Control Up To 3.7 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP). Non-Isolated.

Simple, reliable and compact. Make controlling DC motors easier with adjustable parameters including: minimum and maximum motor speed, armature current, up ramp and IR compensation.


  • Compact DC drive
  • Control motors up to 3.7 Amps (0.55KW/0.75HP)
  • Suitable for permanent magnet, shunt wound or universal motors
  • Robust screw terminals
  • 100 x 100 x 42(mm) H x W x D

Technical Highlights

  • Adjustable current overload protection
  • Adjustable up ramp rate between 1 and 20 seconds
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment via remote potentiometer
  • Drive run input
  • Integral AC supply fuse
  • Remote stop/start signal input facility
  • Tachogenerator or armature voltage speed feedback
  • Adjustable IR compensation for improved AVF speed regulation
  • Sophisticated dual loop control
  • Electronic soft start


AC Supply RangeTypical Armature
Max Continuous
Armature Current
Nominal Power
90 to 130v 90v 3.7A 0.25KW / 0.35HP
200 to 264v 180v 3.7A 0.55KW / 0.7HP

Low voltage 30/60V AC supply version available for 24/48V DC motors