AC Square AMP Series

by T-T Electric

AMP series, square frame AC motors are fully laminated, 4 pole, square frame.

  • Output: 1-1000 kW (1400 HP)
  • Torque: 110-6400 Nm

The AMP series 112-355 motor range comprises of:

Frame SizeCore Lengths
112 A,B,C
132 A,B,C
160 A,B,C
180 A,B,C
225 A,B,C
280 A,B,C
355 A,B,C


Type designation example - AMP 180-4 B

  • AMP = Type of motor
  • 180 = Frame size
  • 4 = Number of poles
  • B = Core length

The mechanical and technical characteristics of AMP motors can be compared to DC motors.

Standard Features

  • Conforms to IEC600 34-1
  • Class H Insulation
  • Class F Temperature Rise
  • Stator - Fully square frame laminated, low loss, insulated on both faces.  The laminations are welded together and the number of air channels through the iron core ensure a good heat transfer
  • The winding has been manufactured to withstand voltage peaks (du/dt) generated by the inverter
  • Thermal protection - PTC 140°C thermisstors (3 in series) in stator winding.  PTC signal cable terminals are located into the terminal box
  • The rotor consists of a core of laminations with the same magnetic properties as the stator laminations, and a squirrel cage made of die-cast aluminium or copper bars for larger frames.
  • AMP motors are manufactured as standard to meet vibration class A and balanced with half key.  Class B is available on request
  • Cooling and terminal box position - in IP23:  cooling by radial mounted 3-phase fan blower located on top at N-End of the motor.  Terminal box on the Right Hand Side (facing D-End).  Cable outlet towards D-End.  The fan blower is supplied without air filter as standard.  Filter on request.  IP54:  Cooling by axial compact mounted 3-phase fan blower, induced draught, located at the back of the motor.  Terminal box on top of the motor.  Cable outlet towards D-End.  In IP55:  Cooling by axial mounted 3-phase fan blower located at the back of the motor.  Terminal box on top of the motor.  Cable outlet towards D-End. Cooling by radial mounted fan blower is possible.  Other cooling forms (in IC666, IC86W with exchanger) and positions for fan, terminal box and cable outlet are available upon request
  • Mounting forms - Standard IP23 in 112-355: IM1001/B3 and Standard IP54/55 in 112-160: IM2001/B35 and in 180-355: IM1001/B3
  • Grease lubricated ball bearings are provided as standard for direct drive application.  For pulley-belt drive, please contact us to discuss.  It is recommeded to use N-End insulated bearing or similar solution for output power above 100kW
  • The standard AMP surface finish has excellent resistance properties.  The painting system is suitable for humid environments.  Standard colour of the motor is blue according to Munsell 8B 4.5/3.25 (similar to RAL5024).  Paint thickness ≥ 60 microns