Large range of visual and audible warning signals for applications ranging from industrial, commercial, fire, marine, vehicle, obstruction and explosion proof.
Beacon Lamps
Beacon Lamps
Stackable lights and sounders modules for ease of design and combinations
Modular Stacking Beacons
Miniature industrial warning beacon ideal for general purpose and localized applications.
Series D
Industrial warning beacon for general purpose application with longer range visibility.
Series E
Heavy duty beacon with glass fresnel dome and mild steel or stainless steel base.
Series F
Heavy duty IP65 industrial, marine, and obstruction warning beacon.
Series G
High-top industrial, vehicle, security and obstruction warning beacon with smooth exterior for easy wipe-down cleaning.
Series H
Robust heavy-duty and rough-service industrial warning beacon
Series J
Large format industrial, vehicle, security and obstruction warning beacon.
Series K
Industrial warning beacon with optimized external lens ribbing for maximizing light transfer.
Series L
Heavy-duty version of Series L warning beacon. External lens ribbing for enhanced light transfer.
Series M
Panel style high intensity directional warning beacon.
Series N
Low profile warning beacon with optimized crown fresnel lens.
Series R
Heavy duty version of Series R low profile warning beacon for crown fresnel lens.
Series S
Heavy-duty industrial beacon lamps featuring UV-stabilized polycarbonate base and lens with smart-base system.
Series T
Heavy duty forward-facing uni-directional indicator featuring Smart Base System with UV-stabilized polycarbonate base, lens and hood.
Series U
Innovative, heavy-duty industrial hazard warning beacon with Smart Base System and optimized external lens ribbing to maximize available light transfer for enhanced long-range visibility.
Series V
Flashing Beacons initiated by telephone ring.
Telephone Ring Initiated
Industrial warning beacons for multi-status signalling.
Multihead Indicators
Industrial vehicle warning beacon
Vehicle Beacons
Integrated warning beacons of light and audible sounder.
Combined Beacons and Sounders
Dedicated electronic sounders for general purpose audible alarm applications.
Electronic Sounders
Unique range of IP65 Micro 32mm diameter single or tower style beacon.
Micro Tower Beacons
Suitable for Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas
Explosion Proof Beacons
High intensity matrix panel for direction and warning signals.
LED Indicator Panels