Comprehensive range of industrial DC motors. Modular, flexible design for easy adaptation to existing systems. 2, 4 & 6 pole, 80-900 frame size and up to 2000kW/2680HP. Mill duty also available.  More

Large electric motor that runs on direct current, battery, Semiconductors (SCR) or Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) DC power source. DC motors still prove to be the most reliable solutions for stable low speed/torque requirements, as in steel mills, paper mills and wood processing machinery.

DC Motors
DC Motors
LAK 2000 Series DC motors, fully laminated, 2 pole design and up to 22kW (30HP)
LAK 2000 Series
DMP Series fully laminated DC motors, in 2 and 4 pole, 112-180 frame and up to 250kW (335HP)
DMP Series
LAK 4000 Series DC motors, 4 pole, 112-280 frame and up to 500kW (670HP)
LAK 4000 Series
LAKC Series DC motors, fully laminated, 4 or 6 pole, 355-900 frame and up to 2000 kW (2680HP), compensated.
LAKC Series
Mill Duty series DC motors with frame sizes 802-818 and up to 187 kW (250HP)
Mill Duty Series