Electronic Sounders

by D.G. Controls

Dedicated electronic sounders for general purpose audible alarm applications.  New to the range is the 110dB/32-tone IP67 sounder desinged to complement both the Series T and Series E warning beacons.  The 32 tones are selectable using an internal DIP-switch. Volume is also adjustable via an internal preset control.

Key Features

  • High-grade engineering
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate base (IAS-T) and lenses, and ABS base (IAS-E)

Optional on the IAS series is an additional connection for remote selection of tone.

Standard Outdoor Models - Specifications

Voltages 12, 24, 115, 230
Tone Selectable
Volume Tunable
Cap Colours Red, Black, White
Base Type Expandable Standard
Temperature Range -20°C, +55°
Rating IP65 / Nema 4X

Standard Indoor Models - Specifications

Voltages 12Vdc 12, 24, 115, 230
Tone Single swept Mono or Pulse 
Volume 112dB Set 92dB
Colours Black
Temperature Range -20°C, +55°
Rating   IP54 / Nema 12