F Type

by Coel Motori S.r.l.

Asynchronous Self-braking Three-phase Motor

F type motors are closed and externally ventilated. The brake groups and all the motor parts are designed and made by Coel. The brake group is supplied in series with 3 Phase AC electromagnet but DC version is also available on request. The F series motors can be driven by inverter but in such case the brake supply must be separated from the motor. The motor frames are in die cast pressed aluminium for frame sizes 71 to 160 and in cast iron for frames 180 and 200. The shafts for frames 71 to 132 are fitted with an hexagon on the back side for manual rotation of the shaft. The brake can be manually released with a special screw supplied with the motor. The friction tracks are in cast iron and auto ventilated. The F series motors are designed for very heavy duty cycles, quick braking action, and constant braking time.

Standard Features

  • Disk brake without axial sliding of the shaft
  • Electromagnets incapsulated in resin with IP66 protection
  • Adjustment of braking torque within very large values
  • Three phase electromagnet standard
  • F motors are supplied with screw for the manual release of the brake, thickness gauge for the adjustment of the magnetic gap of the brake group and hexagon (71 to 132 only) on the rear end of the shafts, for its manual rotation.

Configuration Options

  • Foot mounting B3 execution
  • Foot and flange mounting execution
  • B5 or B14 flange execution
  • B5 reduced flange from frame 71 to 160
  • B14 reduced flange from frame 71 to 100
  • Reduced shaft
  • double end shaft
  • Special shaft
  • Motors B3 with lateral terminal box (up side as standard)
  • Customized executions
  • Special windings
  • Version with forced ventilation
  • Separated brake supply
  • DC Brake
  • AC low noise patented system (standard for DC)
  • H class winding insulation
  • IP55 protection
  • Special "P" rotor for starting torque increasing
  • Special paint
  • Thermal protectors PTO or PTC
  • Anti condensation heaters
  • R or S level balanced for the rotor
  • With encoders

Brake Information

F brakes are Three phase or DC supplied through a rectifier. Windings are incapsulated with resins in F class.  Braking torque is adjustable for all types and brake discs are made in high resistance polymer applied on aluminium support.  Such solutions avoids deformation and incoming losses between the shaft and the disc even after long operation periods.

Its guarantees an efficient anti sticking system and a reliable protection against humidity avoiding oxidation.  Friction materials are made with medium hardness mixtures due to guaranteed low consumption and constant braking coefficient.  The construction is modular and maintenance operations are simple.


Correct installation of the motor and mechanical components coupled with it is crucial for the operation and life of the motor. The motor must be handled with care, avoiding any hard blows, particularly against the shaft.

Before coupling the motor with any other mechanical component be sure that all parts are in good condition, properly cleaned and treated with the proper cleaner.  The motor must be installed in a position that permits proper ventilation, air flow should not be hindered.  Check that all components are perfectly aligned and grounding wire is connected.  Apply the correct feed cable to the motor based on motor name plate rating and local applicable standards.

COEL brake motors are designed with reduced maintenance requirements; however motors do require periodic maintenance such as cleaning including the shell, particularly in cases where the motor works in dusty and dirty environments.  Additionally it is recommended that the magnetic gap between the mobile anchor and the electromagnet be adjusted periodically (every 6 months or 500,000 brake cycles); Air gap must be maintained below 0.5mm (19"/thou) at all times.  

All installations should be inspected and maintained by authorized technician once electrical power is disconnected.  Failing to undertake the necessary safety, inspection and maintenance measures could result in bodily injury and product failure. Authorized technicians must inform maintenance and plant supervisors of anomalies such as excessive vibrations, high level noises, high absorption levels and high temperature level.

Motors are supplied with user guide including maintenance instruction manual.  For further information please contact our office 1.888-558-9956