Interface Adaptors


Interface adapters and adapter cables for SATELLINE radio modems

We can offer following interface adapters for your solutions:

  • NARS-1F with D15 male / D9 female -connectors, 650 mA fuse, including power supply wires and programming switch
  • NARS-1F-4A similar than NARS-1F, but with 4A fuse (to be used only with Epic)
  • NARS-2 with D15 male / screw connectors, 650 mA fuse adapter for RS-422 / 485 interface.
  • NARS-2-4A similar than NARS-2, but with 4A fuse (to be use only with Epic)
  • NARS-1F-4A-SC D15 female / D9 female -connectors, 4A fuse, 2.1 mm DC socket

Available adapter cables:

  • NARS-ST lenght 0.4 m, D15 female / ODU 8-pin male for 3ASd Epic Pro and Epic Pro 35 W 8-pin
  • NARS-35W lenght 0.3 m, D15 female / ODU 7-pin male for 3ASd Epic Pro 35 W 7-pin

Please contact us to get more information regarding adapter types.