by Trans-Coil International

Three Phase Reactors

  • Reduce Voltage Notching
  • Prevent Drive Shutdown
  • Reduce Harmonic Distortion
  • Improve phase to phase voltage imbalance
  • Improve True Power Factor
  • Prevent Overcurrent Trips
  • Protect Components from Damage
  • Distributed Gap™ Technology for efficient operation
  • RoHS compliant

Prevent Drive Shutdown

Transient voltages on the AC power lines can cause inrush currents to a VFD drive, resulting in an overvoltage condition of the DC bus. These transient voltage conditions are often caused by utility capacitor switching and will cause VFDs to shut down without warning. The addition of a KLR line reactor will limit the magnitude of inrush current, preventing trips and component failures.


Voltage without KLR
Voltage with KLR

Reduce Harmonic Distortion

The addition of a KLR will reduce input line distortion which is caused by the non-linear characteristics of drives. The KLR will limit the inrush current to the rectifier, rounding the waveform, reducing the peak currents and lowering the harmonic current distortion. High peak currents may cause distortion of the voltage waveform. The reduction of those peak currents also reduces total harmonic voltage distortion at the point of common coupling.

Improve True Power Factor

Drive input currents rich in harmonics result in a decrease in total input power factor to the drive. The addition of a KLR will reduce the RMS current through the reduction in harmonic content, thereby improving the total power factor. 

Universal Mounting Footprint

For more information on the Universal Mounting footprint, see the following documents: