LAKC Series

by T-T Electric

LAKC 4355-6560 DC motors are fully laminated with compensated shunt winding and comprises of 4 and 6 pole machines.

  • Output: 258 - 1200 kW (2680HP)
  • Torque: 4500 - 23500 Nm

The LAKC 4355 - 6560 motor range comprises of:

Frame SizePolesCore Lengths
355 4 A,B,C
400 6 A,B,C
500 6 A,B,C,D
560 6 A,B,C,D

Type designation example - LAKC 4355A

  • LAK = Type of motor
  • C = Compensated
  • 4 = Number of poles
  • 355 = Center height
  • A = Core length

Standard Features

  • Fully laminated stator yoke, main poles and interpoles
  • Pole face compensation winding to enhance performance in overload conditions
  • Excellent commutation due to well proportioned ratio between armature length and diameter with low bar to bar voltage
  • High thermal time constant
  • Class H insulation
  • Armatures wound with high quality materials
  • Armature winding welded to the commutator and vacumm impregnated with 100% fill resin for optimal reliability
  • Internal cooling ducts in the armature with under commutator cooling
  • Generously dimensioned shaft and bearings
  • End shields of square design with large openings to facilitate brush accessability for maintenance
  • Spigot at the non-drive end for mounting of tachometer, encoder etc.
  • Split brushes

The LAKC motors are designed for use in heavy industry where there is a need for reliability, low maintenance costs, good commutation, long brush life, and low energy consumption