LED Indicator Panels

by D.G. Controls

High intensity directional warning beacons ideal for long-range signalling applications.

Key Features

  • Incorporates fixing holes on 133 x 133mm (5.23 x 5.23 in) centres
  • No pre-drilled cables entries are supplied, giving the installer maximum flexibility of cable entry choice
  • High grade engineering, UV-stabilized Polycarbonate Base and Lens

Available Combinations

Voltages 24, 115, 230
Lamp Types LED
Temperature Range -40°C, +55°C
Colours Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear (white)

Standard Features

Size  200 x 150mm (7.87 x 5.90in) (HW)
Rating IP65 / Nema 4X

Standard Designs

IPN/001 Arrow direction, Green Left/Right and Red-cross
IPN/002 Stop/Go Indicator - Circular switching Red/Green
IPN/003 "FIRE" Red
IPN/005 Wig-Wag  Amber/Amber (other color options available)
IPN/006 "STOP" Red
IPN/008 Telephone (picture of a telephone)
IPN/010 "X" Red cross
IPN/012 Arrow direction, Single arrow
IPN/016 "STOP" / "GO"  Switching
IPN/018 Traffic style panel - Circular Red/Amber/Green
IPN/020 "ENTER" / "WAIT" Indicator Green/Red