Electronic component for protection of industrial equipment from voltage and power spikes.  More

What is a line reactor - A line reactor is an electronic component consisting of one or more inductor or transformer elements.  Each element is wired in series with an independent leg of a circuit, generally between a power source and an electrical load. In accordance with the properties of an inductor, the line reactor will oppose rapid changes in current and/or high frequency currents. The device serves to attenuate spikes of current and to limit peak currents.  The most common type is designed for three phase electric power, in which three isolated inductors are each wired in series with one of the three line phases.  Line reactors are generally installed in heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, pumping equipment, machine tools, elevators, printing presses, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment, computer mainframes, robotics equipment, ski lifts, wind generators, electric cars, cranes, trams, and many other types of equipment, to extend the service life of the variable frequency drives also known as VFDs and AC Drives and motor.

Line Reactors
Line Reactors
Optimized line reactor.
Heavy duty line reactor.