LK24 Photoelectric Absolute Linear Encoder

by Precizika Metrology

The sealed absolute phtotelectric encoder LK24 is used to convert linear displacements of key machine components into electrical signals containing information about components absolute position.

The encoder consists of a glass scale installed into a rigid hollow housing and a ball-bearing guided reading head.  To be able to work in harsh environments (lubricants and chips), the encoder has double level sealing lips.  Filtered air can be supplied into the housing of the encoder for extra protection. 

The encoder has two versions of serial interface SSI or BiSS C.  On option, a third encoder is available:  with 2 analog sinusoidal signals with phase shift 90 o and amplitude approx. 1Vpp.


Measuring length 70, 120, 170, 220, 270, 320, 370, 420, 470, 520, 570, 620, 720, 770, 820, 920, 1024, 1140, 1240, 1340, 1440, 1540, 1640, 1740, 1840, 2040, 2240, 2440, 2640, 2840, 3040, 3240
Incremental Signal sine wave a 1 Vpp (optional)
Resolution 1Vpp up to 0.1 µm (depending on CNC division factor)
Serial Interface SSI or BiSS
Resolution Absolute Measure 1 µm, 0.1 µm
Accuracy grades to any metre within the ML (at 20°C)

± 3µm

± 1µm

Grating period (T) 20 mm
Max. traversing speed: 120 m/min
Max. acceleration 30 m/s
Required moving force  <4N; ≤2.5N on request
Power supply  +5V ± 5%
Current consumption with load max 180 mA (with R=120W)

Protection (EN 60529)

-without compressed air

-with compressed air




0.4 kg + 2.8 kg/m

Operating temperature 0...+50°C
Storage temperature -20...+70°C    
Permissible humidity (non condensed) 20...80% 
Permissible vibration (55...2000 Hz) ≤100 m/s²
Weight ≤150 m/s²
Standard cable length/max. cable length 2.0/25.0 (100 m if power supply is min. 5V)
Electrical Protections from inversion of power supply polarity; from short circuit on output port