Mill Duty Series

by T-T Electric

Mill duty DC motors between 7.5 and 187kW (10-250HP) in A.I.S.E frame sizes 802 to 818.  Motors confirm to A.I.S.E No. 1-1991 in regards to output and phsical dimensions, and are threfore interchangeable with any other brand of A.I.S.E. standard motors of the same size.

The mill duty DC motors are suitable for operation with the latest generation of thyristor converters.  The fully laminated stator design of the motors permits a very high rate of change of current, meeting the steel mill requirements of high dynamic response and repetitive overload capability.  The motors are fully compensated, offering the benefits of enhanced commutation margin in the wide constant power speed range, and good stability independently of motor load. This design, however, does not allow for split stator frame, as stipulated by the A.I.S.E. standard.

Standard Features

  • Suitable for operations with adjustable DC voltages from thyristor converters (230V - 460V - 500V)
  • Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles
  • Fully compensated machines ensuring good commutation also in the field weakening range
  • Convertible motors from TEFV (Totally Enclosed Force Ventilated) to TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated)
  • Removeable and replaceable shaft with two tapered extensions
  • D-end and N-end heavy duty roller bearings
  • Easily removable bearing housing
  • Insulation class H with temperature rise limited to 110°C for longer life expectancy
  • High dynamic response, with current change rate of 250 times the nominal current per second
  • A large number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility
  • Max armature voltage 500V