MVTX Explosion Proof Screen Vibrators

by Italvibras

The MVTX explosion-proof screen vibrators have been designed for use in industrial processes in a potentially explosive atmosphere. 

They are used for industrial processes on screens. 

The enclosure of these screen vibrators is equipped with increased thickness and joints to prevent the transmission of an internal explosion to the surrouding area. 

Explosion-proof screen vibrators bear the UL, cUL, ATEX and IECEx markings. 

The MVTX series is derived the MVTX-G series, specifically designed for use in a potentially explosive gas atmosphere, they are commonly used on oil and gas drilling rigs.  The MVT series is also available for use in standard locations, without a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Technical features

Power Supply

Three-phase voltage up to 690V (maximum 600V for UL and CSA), 50Hz or 60Hz (fixed) or 20 to 70Hz (variable).  Suitable for use with a variable frequency drive from 20Hz to the base frequency with constant torque load profile. 


4 poles typical. 2, 6, 8 poles are also available. 


The components that affect protection mode are 100% accurately controlled and report is recorded for complete traceability.  


Continuous service (S1) at maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power.  Intermittent services are also possible, Please contact our office for technical assistance. 

Centrifugal force

Range extended to 7930 Kgf. (77.8 KN), with centrifugal force adjustable by hand tools to find better screen performance.  

Mechanical protection

Mechanical protection IP66 according to IEC 529, EN 60529.

Protection against mechanical impacts

IK 08 according to IEC 68, EN 50102.

Insulation class

Class F (155°C).


Standard on all screen vibrators with "drop by drop" trickle system. 

Ambient temperature

From -20°C to +60°C.

Vibrator thermal protection

With thermal protector at 130°C for the entire range, or on request with 130°C for the entire range, or on request with 130°C PTC thermistors (DIN 44081-44082). Thermal protection not installed on MVTX-G series.

Fixing of the vibrator

Typical horizontal


All vibrators are lubricated in the factory.  Periodic re-lubrication recommended. 

Terminal box

Large fixed electrical connections.  The terminal cover, with increased thickness is designed to contain internal explosions.

Electric Motor

Three-phase asynchronous type.  Insulated windings using the "drop by drop" trickle system with Class H resin.  The rotor is die cast aluminum.


Made in three parts.  Central part in aluminum, external parts in aluminum or spheroidal cast iron.

Bearing flange

In grey cast iron.


Custom made with particular geometry, especially designed for Italvibras, suitable to support both high radial and axial loads.

Motor shaft

Treated steel alloy (Isothermic hardening) resistant to stress.

Eccentric weights

Different eccentric weights can be in accordance with customer requirements. 

Weight covers

In aluminum alloy.


Electrostatic surface treatment based on polymerized epoxy polyester powder in oven at 200°C.  Tested in salt spray for 500 hours.

Please contact our office for the available Certifications, 1-888-558-9956