SATELLINE-M3-R3 is a UHF data receiver module that has been designed to operate on the wide 403...473 MHz frequency range, offering for use the whole 70 MHz tuning range. The M3-R3 is a lightweight single PCB structure desgined to be integrated into a host device.   It is a flexible product allowing for selectable channel width and low power consumption.  The configuration of the radio module can be made by using the SATEL SL-commands, or SATEL configuration manager (software)

To offer the user more flexibility, M3-R3 is compatible with the widely used SATELLINE-3AS radio modem family and can also be included in systems based on other manufacturers’ protocols. .


Frequency range 403 ... 473 MHz
Tuning range 70 MHz
Channel spacing 12.5 , 25 kHz
Sensitivity/Carrier power -114 dBm
Interface CMOS
Data speed 19200 bps
Operating voltage +4 Vdc
Power consumption 0.5 W
Size/Weight 56 x 36 x 6 mm / 18 g
Connectors 1.27 mm pitch socket / U.FL