Series U

by D.G. Controls

Heavy duty forward-facing uni-directional indicator featuring UV-stabilized polycarbonate base, lens and hood.  Lens features optimized crown fresnel lensing to maximize available light transfer for enhanced long-range visibility.  May be used individually or in groups with other Series T, U, V or W beacons for multi-status signalling.

Key Features

  • Unique ratchet system allows individual units to be oriented in respect to each other in 10° steps when multiple devices are clamped together.
  • Incorporates fixing holes on 120 x 120mm (4.72 x 4.72 in) centres for direct surface mounting and two 20mm (0.787 in) diameter entries (one on each side) for direct conduit/gland entry and/or to facilitate linking together of multiple units.
  • Gland, blanking plug, joining tube, sealing O-ring and locknuts are provided for use singly or in groups of 2 or more co-joined beacons.  Additional (un-drilled) entry available in underside.

Available Combinations

Voltages 12, 24, 115, 230 & VRA (voltage range 12Vdc to 100Vdc or 12Vac to 70Vac)
Lamp Types Xenon (strobe), Filament, Tungsten (halogen), LED
Functions Static, Flashing, Rotating (standard, multi-function or mirror)
Visibility 360° All-around, 360° + 270° All-over
Temperature Range -20°C, +55°C and -40°C, +55°C
Colours Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear (white)

Standard Features

Size 150 x 150mm (5.90 x 5.90 in), 151mm (5.94 in) high
Rating IP65 / Name 4X


Cage Guard G9
Wall Mounting Brackets MB14 (fixed right-angle), MB15 (adjustable pivot)