by TECO-Westinghouse Motors (Canada) Inc.

All Purpose Drive, Five Integrated Functions
  1. IFD (Inverter Frequency Drive): functionality for general purpose applications (V/Hz)
  2. VTC (Vector Torque Control): sensor-less vector functionality for high torque performance applications (direct torque control)
  3. FOC (Field Oriented Control): vector function with encoder for high torque precision and wide speed range
  4. SYN (Synchronous): vector function for brush-less synchronous motors with permanent magnets requiring very accurate torque values and excellent energy performance
  5. RGN (Regenerative): functionality for the inverter to accept regeneration back on to DC bus. Also allows inverter to act as an AC/DC converter for the DC supply of multiple drive


  • 3HP to 1690HP at 380 – 480Vac
  • 75HP to 2100HP at 525 –690Vac
  • 4-Quadrant/Zero Harmonic
  • Most Complete Communication Card Offering:
- EtherNetIP
- Control-Net
- Profibus DP
- Device-Net
- Interbus
- CAN-Open
- ProfiDrive
- BACNet
- Modbus TCP
- Lonworks
- Modbus RTU
  • 3 Year Warranty


Output Characteristics
SP2000 4T / 5T / 6T
480V 3HP – 1690HP Constant Torque 
575V 75HP – 2100HP Constant Torque
690V 75HP – 2100HP Constant Torque
Maximum Voltage 380V – 690V
Rated Output Frequency  0 - 1000H
Output Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz


Power Supply
Rated Input Voltage & Frequency
480V  3HP – 1690HP, 3-Phase, 380-500V, 50/60Hz 
575V  75HP – 2100HP, 3-Phase, 500-575V, 50/60Hz
690V 75HP – 2100HP, 3-Phase, 575-690V, 50/60Hz


Control Characteristics
Control Mode
IFD (Inverter Frequency Drive): Vector modulation function for generic applications (V/F Pattern)
VTC (Vector Torque Control): Sensor-less vector function for high torque performance applications (Direct Torque Control)
FOC (Field Oriented Control): Vector function with encoder for high torque precision and wide speed range
SYN (Synchronous): Vector function for brushless synchronous motors with permanent magnets characterized by high torque precision
joined to high energy efficiency level
RGN (Regenerative): Sinusoidal cosfi=1, AC/DC supplier function for direct supply of a series of drives
Operation Mode 5 Languages LCD Display – English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German
Carrier Frequency Programmable: 2.0 – 16KHz
Frequency Control Range 0 to 1000Hz


Protective Functions
Overload Capacity
Constant Torque: 168% Rated Output Current for 60 Sec.
Variable Torque: 144% Rated Output Current for 60 Sec.
Frequency Setting Signal  0-10VDC, 4-20M
Braking Torque Approximately 20%
Stall Prevention
Stall Prevention at Acceleration/Deceleration and
Constant Speed Operation
Instantaneous Over-current 200% of Rated Output Current
Motor Overload Protection Electronic Overload Protection
Overheat Protection Protected by Thermistor
Ground Fault Protected by DC Current Sensor
Power Charge Indication (LED) Charge Lamp stays ON until Bus Voltage drops below 50VDC


Control Connections
Control Power
Analog Input
3 Analog Inputs , 0-10VDC 0(4)-20mA
Auxiliary Analog Input Frequency
5,000 - 65,000Hz
Auxiliary Analog Output Frequency 5,000 - 65,000Hz
Digital Inputs
8 Digital Inputs (4 Programmable):
Positive or Negative Control Logic
Digital Outputs
2 Programmable Form C Relays, 250VAC,
1 Amp or 30VDC/1 Amp Programmable
Open Collector, 48VDC, 50mA
Serial Communications
RS-485 Port, MODBUS Protocol up to
38.400 Baud


Environmental Conditions
Location IP00 to IP20
Ambient Temperature -25ºC to +70ºC de-rating of 2% for each degree beyond +40ºC
Storage Temperature  -25ºC to +70º