T Square Series

by Tend Technology


  • Tend tower light can be installed in any machine as a status indicator by showing the colour change of light and audible alarm. Tower light can be customer-made to meet different needs.
  • Internal spring suspension can avoid damage to the bulb due to machine's vibration.
  • Flexible wiring design:  Steady, flashing of alarm is achievable through wiring by end user.
  • Both bulb base for Incandescent bulb & LED is BA15s.  So it is easy to change bulb type.
  • Audio alarm buzzes at 90DB/30cm.

Model Designation

TST Pole Mount
TSW Tray Mount
TSF Tented Type
2.Functional L Continuous light
F Continuous or flashing light
S Continuous or flashing light with audible alarm
B Audible alarm light
3.Diameter 5 50mm x 50mm
4.Bulb Space Incandescent
5.Voltage 1 110VAC
2 220VAC
7 24VAC/DC
9 12VAC/DC
6.Section 1~5 1~5
7.Lens R Red
O Orange
G Green
B Blue
W White