Telephone Ring Initiated

by D.G. Controls

These beacon lamps are designed for a broad range of industrial and community welfare applications where a visual indication of a rining telephone is required. Some examples of applications for this products are:

  • Emergency evacuation alarms
  • Colour-coded personal telephone indication

Any environment that has a high ambient noise level will benefit from these beacons.

Key Features

  • Units can be supplied with or without fitted cables and glands for either plug-in or hard-wired installations
  • LED telephone beacons pulse in time with ring signal.  Xenon telephone beacons repetitively trigger in time with ring signal
  • TPD/LED ultra-low current LED model driven entirely from incoming ring signal, eliminating the need for an external power source
  • Explosion proof version of TPD/LED available (see Explosion Proof Beacons)
  • Standard xenon strobe are designed for connection to a 230Vac power supply - other supply voltages of Xenon strobe are available with special order
  • All units feature UV-stabilized polycarbonate lenses

Standard LED Models - Specifications

Voltages 48-75Vuc 24, 115, 230
Lamp Type LED LED
79 x 102mm (WH)
3.11 x 4.01in (WH)
150 x 80 x 200mm (WDH)
5.90 x 3.15 x 7.87in (WDH)
Rating IP65 / Nema 4X IP65 / Nema 4X
Temperature Range -40°C, +55° -40°C, +55°

Standard XEON Models - Specifications

Voltages 230Vac 230Vac 230Vac
Lamp Type Xenon (strobe) Xenon (strobe) Xenon (strobe)
82 x 82mm (base), 143mm (H)
3.22 x 3.22in (base), 5.63in (H)
126 x 126mm (base), 182mm (H)
4.96 x 4.96in (base), 7.16in (H)
150 x 80 x 200mm (WDH)
5.90 x 3.15 x 7.87in (WDH)
Rating IP65 / Nema 4X IP65 / Nema 4X IP65 / Nema 4X
Temperature  Range -40°C, +55°C -40°C, +55°C -40°C, +55°C