by Unitronics

The Vision230™ is a powerful PLC with a built-in HMI Operator Panel comprising a 128 x 64 pixel graphic display and a customizable keyboard. On-board I/Os can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC; Snap-in I/O Modules come in several configurations. I/O Expansion modules enable integrating up to 512 I/Os per Vision PLC. 

The Vision230™ offers a rich range of embedded features such as multiple auto-tuned PID loops, internal 120K structured database and loadcell support. Communication options include TCP/IP, Ethernet, GSM/SMS, MODBUS, CANbus networking, function blocks that enable Vision to communicate with devices using proprietary COM protocols, plus remote access and data export software utilities. 1000K-Ladder code application memory enables the Vision230™ to run complex control and automation tasks. The Graphic HMI display screen can show images, text, and graphs according to real-time parameters. It can also display graphs based on historical values, to reflect trends of recorded data. Vision supports up to 255 user-designed screens, and up to 24 HMI variables per screen. 

Benefit from the power of combined PLC and a graphic HMI – at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. 


Our PLC/HMI integrated devices:

  • save our customers programming time, wiring, and cabinet space.
  • cut budget by reducing requirements for additional hardware.
  • prevent you from wasting time setting up Panel-PLC communication.


  • Supports up to 171 I/Os via Snap-in or Expansion Modules (number/type vary according to model)
  • I/O types: Digital (including shaft-encoder inputs & PWM outputs), Analog, & Temperature/weight measurement
  • Application memory: 1000K
  • Execution time: 0.5µsec for bit operation
  • Multiple built-in PID loops, including auto-tune
  • Data Tables: 120K (RAM) & 192K (Flash) for dynamic data logging and production recipes


  • Display images, text and graphs according to real-time conditions and historical values
  • Data entry/modification via keypad
  • Up to 255 user-designed displays
  • 24 variables per display; link up to 150 images/messages to each variable
  • Use hundreds of images in one application
  • Graphic display screen: 128 x 64 pixels
  • Text messages: up to 8 lines x 22 characters
  • LCD illuminated screen
  • 24-key customizable keyboard
  • Info mode: view/modify I/O status, integer values, and system data via the panel


  • RS232 port
  • RS232/RS485 port
  • Ethernet/additional RS232/RS485 port (optional)
  • GSM/SMS support
  • Remote access via network GPRS, GSM, CDMA or landline modems
  • MODBUS and CANbus networking
  • OPC/DDE server
  • Additional communication protocols

Special Features

  • Flexible PID: Up to 12 built-in PID loops, including internal auto-tune, ramp-soak programmer and bumpless transfer. Use Vision’s PID loops to economically and efficiently combine accurate process control with the flexibility of a PLC.
  • Data Tables: Use Vision’s smart data tables (120K RAM and 192K Flash memory), to log dynamic data and store production recipes.
  • Shaft-encoder Inputs: Use the controller’s integral 10kHz inputs as high-speed counters, frequency measurers, or to directly connect to shaft-encoders.
  • PWM Outputs: Control stepper motors or PID-based applications, via PWM, with the V230’s onboard PWM outputs (model-dependent).
  • Easy Scrolling between Recipes: Simply scroll between pre-programmed recipes or menus, using the panel’s arrow keys. This enables you to choose and activate a desired task via the HMI - immediately, on-site.
  • Image Library: Easily design your graphic displays using the Vision’s extensive image library.
  • Temperature & Weight measurement: Onboard direct temperature inputs (PT100 or Thermocouple) give you the ability to control  temperature-based applications, Loadcell I/O Expansion Modules enable you to hook up weight/strain inputs and achieve accurate measurements—no additional hardware required. (M91 series only, features are model-dependant). 
  • Time-based Control: Do you need a specific task to be performed at a specific time and date? Simply mark the hour, date or weekday in the PLC software—and you have created time-based control in 3 clicks.
  • Information Mode: Press the key on the operator panel to enter the PLC’s Information Mode, providing you with powerful diagnostic capabilities.


All-in-one software enables you to develop your PLC and HMI applications in one environment, establish modem and data communications, test and debug your programs in on-line mode, remotely access your controller, and more.

Use the Ladder editor to:

  • Click-and-drop Ladder elements
  • Build modular programs; create subroutines and call them into your program
  • Benefit from built-in function blocks such as Trends, PID, Loadcell, GPRS, Drum Sequencer, MODBUS Serial/IP, SMS, Protocol Serial/TCP/IP

Use the HMI editor to:

  • Import or design any image
  • Create and display text messages
  • Assign ‘touch’ properties to any screen element (in touchscreen models)
  • Use images and graphs to reflect current variable values & historical trends
  • Assign functions to the keyboard, softkeys and touchscreen elements