by Wachendorff Automation

Hollow Bore (blind) Encoder incremental quadrature, optical


  • Robust hollow bore (blind) encoder with small dimensions
  • Full connection protection with 10 VDC up to 30 VDC
  • With light reserve warning
  • Optional: -40 °C up to +80 °C


Signal Shape Square-Wave
Type of housing End hollow shaft
Resolution up to 2500 PPR
Housing Ø 40 mm, 
L 32 mm or L 37 mm
Shaft bore Ø 6 mm
Max. operating speed 12.000 rpm
Output circuit TTL, 
RS422 compatible
Output channels AB, ABN and inverted signals
Max. pulse frequency 200 kHz
Power supply 4,75 VDC up to 5,5 VDC
10 VDC up to 30 VDC
max. 70 mA
Operating temperature -20 °C up to +80 °C
(Option: -40 °C up to +80 °C)
Protection rating IP67, shaft sealed to IP65