by Wachendorff Automation

Shaft Encoder incremental quadrature, optical

Especially for food and beverage industry


  • EHEDG: Tested hygienic design
  • Resistance to Salt mist acc. (IEC 60068-2-11)
  • Up to 25000 PPR by use of high grade electronics
  • Ecolab: Certificate on resistance to cleaning and disinfection agents
  • High protection rating IP67 all around and IP69K (high pressure / steam cleaning)
  • Radial shaft sealing ring with no dead-room (PTFE)
  • Full connection protection with 10 VDC up to 30 VDC
  • With light reserve warning


Signal Shape Square-Wave or Sine/Cosine
Flange Clamping flange
Resolution up to 25000 PPR
Housing Ø 58 mm, 
L 42 mm
Shaft Ø 10 mm, 
L 18 mm
Max. operating speed 3.600 rpm
Permitted load on shaft end max. 100 N radial
max. 100 N axial
Output circuit TTL, RS422 compatible
1 Vss Sin/Cos
Output channels AB, ABN and inverted signals
Max. pulse frequency 2 MHz
Power supply 4,75 VDC up to 5,5 VDC
10 VDC up to 30 VDC
5 VDC up to 30 VDC
max. 100 mA
Operating temperature -20 °C up to +80 °C 
(Option: -40 °C up to +80 °C),
1 Vss: -10 °C bis +70 °C
Protection rating IP67 all around and IP69K
Resistance to salt mist (IEC 60068-2-11) after 672 hours