by Wachendorff Automation

Installation Kit for frequency-control lifts WDGAS58B
with shaft encoder
The following installation kits are available for fitting the encoder to a frequency controlled lift.


  • Complete retrofit set
  • Quickly and reliably fitted with the aid of the accessories
  • Cost-effective modernisation solution
  • TTL, HTL output
  • Threads: M8, M10, M12, M16 und M20


Description Every installation kit consists:
1 x Encoder, 1 x Mounting angle, 1 x shielded cable 15 mtr length,
1 x Double loop coupling, 1 x Shaft adapter
Encoder type Shaft encoder WDG 58B
Shaft Material: stainless steel
Diameter: 10 mm, H7
Length: 20 mm
Starting torque approx. 1 Ncm at ambient temperature
Max. operating speed 8.000 rpm
Permitted load on shaft end max. 220 N radial
max. 120 N axial
Power supply H24: 10 VDC up to 30 VDC HTL
R05: 5 VDC TTL with inv. output circuit
Pulses per revolution PPR 1024, 2048, 4096
Channels H24: 3 channels, A, B and zero marker pulse N
R05: 6 channels, A, B, zero marker pulse N and inv.
Cable Straight female connector with ready made cable.
The cable is 15 mtr in length and is shielded, however
the shield is not connected to the connector housing.
With a mated connector, the encoder meets protection class IP40.
Mounting bracket Mounting bracket MW58B
The mounting bracket makes for easy installation of the encoder in the lift system. 
However care should be taken that the admissible load of
the coupling is adhered to.
Paguflex coupling Double loop coupling DSK48
details see 
 "Double loop coupling DSK48"
Shaft adapters Shaft adapters