Radio Modems

The world has moved from just Agriculture to Precision Agriculture or Precision Farming, a modern way to monitor and optimize the production process. It uses various sensor technologies, satellite navigation and position technology. By using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) position and timing, various tasks are executed, monitored, and controlled. For example, planting of seed using geo-positioning to optimize the growth, measure variation in field's condition and then using site-specific data available to match fertilizers, seeds and chemical rated with the conditions. With its help fertilizers and pesticides are used when and where actually needed.

Similar setups can be used in monitoring the population of the animals in specific areas and helps in deciding the feeding schedules on animal basis, letting the animals thrive without direct human interactions unlike the traditional methods.

Most common technologies used are yield mapping, soil mapping, auto-guidance machinery steering, and variable rate technologies (VRT). Where does the SATEL product fit in, SATEL UHF Radio modem modules are integrated into many of the GNSS equipment manufacturers. With the latest technology, features and capabilities SATEL Radio modems are a reliable and cost effective and secure method for wireless data transfer. Call us today for more information and to discuss any development ideas you have in mind where wireless data transfer is required.

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Wireless Radio Controls

Another sophisticated system from our product line, focuses on the functionality and execution. ELCA's wireless pendants provide full operations of various gigantic machinery from a wireless handheld device. The objective of such design is to bring both traditional and modern approach together for customized output. It is by far a safer and reliable method of operation. The advantage of ELCA's product line vs its competitors is the full customization to meet application requirements rather than adapting your equipment to existing standard manufactured pendant control. Call us today with any questions you may have.

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