Industrial Internet Solution

Industrial Internet Solution

UHF and VHF Radio Modems

Industrial internet provides the user with an independent network which is isolated from public network or with controlled access, providing highest level of security. Industrial Internet is a mission-critical business platform which brings machines, advance analytics, and people together. The aim of the SATEL product line is to provide smooth and uninterrupted connectivity everywhere in the plant.

SATEL private radio network is not only reliable & safe but also provides our client with comprehensive built-in security: VPN connectivity, radio encryption (AES2S6), firewall, user authentication, security auditing process, data, and management separation.

One such example is Smart Harbor. Radio technology is used in logistics to give accurate, real-time location data, help stock management and adds reliability. It also enables safe and secure automated movement and mobility of the harbor vehicles, providing savings in efficiency and safety of the terminal operations. Harbor logistics become smarter: optimization of lading, unlading and exact location of the containers round the clock.

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