Product Description


PVAT3 Series


PRI 3 x 690 Vac, SEC 3 x 400 Vac, 650 - 1,386 VA


  • Quick to cable up thanks to the use of spring-clamp terminals

  • Very good corrosion protection and low noise thanks to vacuum impregnation

  • Very high efficiency

  • Low weight and small size (compared to isolating transformers)



Autotransformers are the efficient and ideal solution for minor voltage adjustments. Compact designs can be provided depending on the voltage difference. Autotransformers feature lower losses compared with isolating transformers with the same power rating. The transformers without galvanic isolation also feature inverse operation. BLOCK's standard range features power outputs of between 150 VA and 250,000 VA

  • Efficient solution for minor voltage adjustments
  • Inverse operation possible
  • Power output: 250 VA to 250,000 VA


Autotransformers to adjust the supply voltage of three-phase switching power supplies from 690 Vac to 400 Vac.


Rated Power

650 - 1,386 VA

Maximum Ambient Temperature

+60° C


Class B

Degree of Protection

IP 00

Rated Output Voltage

3 x 400 Vac

Rated Input Voltage

3 x 690 Vac


VDE 0570 Teil 2-13, DIN EN 61558-2-13, EN 61558-2-13, IEC 61558-2-13, UL 5085-1/-2, CSA 22.2 No.66


UL 5085-1/-2, CSA 22.2 No.66

Specifications vary between configurations. Refer to the Configurations below for more information and links to the manufacturer's website.


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