Product Description


TT3 Neo Series

Isolating Transformer

Fixing rail, PRI 3 x 400 Vac, SEC 3 x 400 Vac, 10 kVA - 1 MVA


  • Safe galvanic isolation
  • Very good corrosion protection and low noise thanks to BLOCK IMPEX vacuum impregnation
  • Integrated crane eyes
  • If desired, the transformers can be realised in individual voltages
  • Very good discharging of thermal losses by means of optimally arranged cooling channels within the coils


Isolating Transformers

Isolating transformers with galvanic isolation provide a reliable supply to circuits with the safety measures “protective separation”. The transformers provide double or reinforced isolation between the primary and secondary sides. Any requested network configuration is possible for the secondary side, whether this involves a monitored isolated system or grounded system with fuse elements. The output voltage for the isolating transformers can be between 50 Vac and 1,000 Vac or 120 Vdc and 1,415 Vdc. BLOCK's standard range includes power outputs of up to 1 MVA.

  • Double or reinforced isolation between the primary and secondary sides
  • Flexible structure for the secondary side network configuration
  • Power output: 50 Vac to 1,000 Vac or 120 Vdc to 1,415 Vdc
  • Power output: up to 1 MVA, higher power ratings upon request


Isolating transformer for the safe electrical isolation of the input and output sides. The transformer may be used to set up protective separation as a protective measure in accordance with VDE 0100.


Rated Power

10 kVA - 1 MVA

Maximum Ambient Temperature

40 °C


Class F

Degree of Protection

IP 00

Rated Output Voltage

3 x 400 Vac

Rated Input Voltage

3 x 400 Vac


VDE 0570 part 2-4, DIN EN 61558 part 1 with part 2-4


UL 5085, CSA 22.2 (E 103521)

Specifications vary between configurations. Refer to the Configurations below for more information and links to the manufacturer's website.


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