Product Description

Coel Motori

VIS Series

Modular Friction Disc Brake


The VIS brake is an innovative and modular flameproof spring-applied disc brake unit. This groundbreaking concept involves applying an independent brake unit to a standard flanged explosion-proof motor or transmission unit.

The VIS brake offers versatile options for different applications:

  • Available in IEC flange face to face version (B5 63 to 315*), NEMA standards (56 to 405), and compact line for rear mounting on electric motors or transmission units*.
  • Quick and easy assembly process.
  • High performance and have a robust structure suitable for heavy-duty applications such as hoisting, traveling, and positioning.
  • Braking torque ranges from 3 to 16,000 Nm*, and the electromagnets in VIS brakes can be either AC three-phase or DC with built-in rectifier*.

* Availability may vary depending on frames and sizes.


The spring-applied VIS brake is a versatile brake system that can be configured as a single or multi-disk setup, with two friction surfaces for each mounted disc. The braking torque is generated by the compression springs, which effectively lock the discs through friction. Electromagnetic release allows for quick and efficient brake disengagement. This spring-applied brake is specifically designed to convert mechanical work and kinetic energy into heat. For detailed information regarding operational characteristics, including admissible work and duty cycle, please feel free to reach out to us.

By choosing the VIS brake, creating an explosion-proof brake motor becomes effortless, resulting in reduced costs and delivery time. These brakes exhibit exceptional performance and a robust structure, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications in various fields such as hoisting, traveling, and positioning.

One notable advantage of VIS brakes is their low maintenance requirement, eliminating the need for periodic on-site gap adjustments.

The braking torque values range from 3 to 16,000 Nm (depending on frames and sizes), and the VIS brakes can be equipped with either AC three-phase electromagnets or DC with a built-in rectifier (depending on frames and sizes).

The cost of a standard explosion-proof motor combined with the VIS brake is considerably lower than that of an explosion-proof brake motor, while offering improved lead time and reliability. Please note that specific features such as electromagnet type, torque, and size depend on the frame and size configurations.


  • An innovative system with a patent pending design and concept.
  • The system supports either three-phase AC or single-phase DC electromagnets*, providing versatile power options.
  • Designed with a completely enclosed structure, ensuring optimal protection.
  • Boasting an IP66 rating, the system offers excellent resistance against water and dust ingress.
  • The power supply ranges from VAC24 to 690 for 50-60Hz three-phase or VDC 24 to 300 with a built-in rectifier*, offering flexible power options based on requirements.
  • Featuring F class insulation for enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Equipped with standard bimetal protectors for thermal protection.
  • The system includes a large terminal box with a terminal board for convenient wiring.
  • Built with a highly resistant structure to withstand demanding conditions.
  • Specifically designed for S1 duty without ventilation*, ensuring reliable performance in continuous operation.
  • Constructed with cast iron materials (steel frame for IEC 315 type), ensuring durability and longevity.

* Specific features such as electromagnet type, power supply, and duty depend on the frame and size configurations.


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