Product Description

Coel Motori

VIS Standard Series

Brake Module

Spring applied modular brakes


The VIS series brake are a modular friction disc brake designed for application where brake motors are required. The advantage is the design of an independent certified unit mounted directly onto an electric motor without the need for mechanical or electrical modification with the ease of installation.

The VIS brake are available in both IEC (metric) flange face version (B5 or B14) and NEMA double C-face standards. Easy to install, cost effective and reliable. The VIS brake models are available in a range of 3 - 16000 Nm braking torque and various add on options.

  • NEMA Models are available in frame sizes 56 to 404
  • IEC (metric) Models are available in frame sizes 63 to 315
  • Various voltage inputs available, 200-500VAC (standard), 115V, 575V
  • Certified Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D; Class II, Division 1, Group E, F and G; Class III
  • Patent pending design and concept system

  • IP66 protection

  • Aluminum frame for IEC 71 - 90 and cast iron frame for IEC 100 to 225

  • Cast iron frame for NEMA 56 to 404

  • Thermally treated shaft as standard

  • Input voltage from 200 to 500 VAC all in one thanks to the all new power supply rectifier included in the terminal box

  • Extremely low noise operation

  • Extra high durability of brake disc


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