Product Description


IAS-T Series

Electronic Sounder

114dB Multi-tone Sounder


  • 171mm High, 150mm x 150mm Base
  • IP66 (Horn must not be mounted pointing upwards)
  • 64 Tone combinations
  • Maximum output 114dB(A)
  • Internal volume control
  • 12Vdc, 18-55Vdc, 15-40Vac, 115-230Vac/dc and 45-65Vac/55-95Vdc models
  • 2-wire connection with third-wire/fourth-wire for alternate tone selections
  • Compatible with full Series T, U and V ranges to provide a fully customised and integrated signalling solution
  • Standard Black polycarbonate base and Red horn, optional White or Black horns available
  • Side and Base entry

Available Horn Colours


Designed for seamless compatibility with Deegee's Series T, U, and V ranges, this product offers a fully customized and integrated signaling solution tailored to your specific needs. The circuitry is securely fixed to the horn assembly, providing convenient access to the terminal block for wiring, along with a tone selector switch and volume control. This arrangement simplifies the installation of bases and wiring, ensuring a hassle-free setup and safe storage of electronics for phase 2 fitting.

The cap is firmly attached to the base using a custom gasket and is secured by three screws, providing robust assembly. These dedicated electronic sounders are optimized for general-purpose audible alarm applications, featuring a maximum sound output of 114dB(A) with an IP66 rating and internal volume control. Users can select from 64 tone combinations using an internal DIP-switch array.

Installation is straightforward with a simple 2-wire connection to activate the sounder, and both second-stage and third-stage tones are accessible through third/fourth wires. The product accommodates a wide range of supply voltages, including 10-30Vdc, 24Vac, 115-230Vuc, and 45-65Vac/55-95Vdc units (uc encompasses both ac and dc). It features a Black Polycarbonate base with a choice of a Red horn, and versions with Black or White horns are also available. To enhance functionality, each unit is supplied with a cable gland and an anti-condensation breather element.


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