Product Description


IPC/012 Series

LED Status Signal

Static LED Status Indicator


  • 85mm High x 94 Diameter
  • IP65
  • Single Green Arrow Direction Status Indicator
  • 24Vdc and 115-230Vac/dc models
  • Cover can be rotated in 90 degree increments to position arrow for Up, Down, Left or Right indication
  • Multiple units may be linked together for composite signal

LED Colour


A Pulsed (Flashing) LED Single Green Arrow Indicator with an internal jumper that allows users to choose the Static (Continuous) option. This versatile indicator can be rotated relative to the base to indicate Up / Down / Left / Right directions, depending on the specific application requirements. It offers extensive configurability and is composed of a robust ABS Base, available in standard white or optional red, combined with a clear polycarbonate lens featuring green LEDs. For added flexibility, multiple units, including the matching IAS-C Sounder, can be interconnected to create a fully integrated signaling system.

The circuitry is securely attached to the lens assembly, providing convenient access to the terminal block for wiring. This design streamlines the installation process for both bases and wiring, ensuring a straightforward setup. Additionally, it facilitates the safe storage of electronics and lenses for phase 2 fitting. To assemble the lenses onto the bases, a bayonet fitting mechanism with an O-ring seal is used, further secured by a single grub screw. No other external fixtures are required, and all connections between enclosure parts are shielded by O-rings.


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