Product Description


IPN/024 Series

LED Status Signal

Static LED "STOP" / Arrows Signal


Indicator panel typically used in automated car wash applications.

  • 200mm x 150mm x 80mm
  • IPN/LED/024
  • IP65
  • Direction Status Indicator
  • 24Vac/dc, 115Vac and 230Vac models
  • Can show any combination of green-arrow-forward, amber-arrow-reverse and red-"STOP"
  • Function selection by applying power to relevant terminals
  • Red, amber & green LEDs with clear lens

LED Colours


Designed to signal Forward / Reverse / STOP, the IPN/024 incorporates the latest technology in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, including loading-bay signaling, car-wash signaling, shutter door status, on-site traffic management, dockside signaling, factory control, and more.

The standard unit features the word “STOP” in red, a single upward-pointing green arrow, and a single downward-pointing amber arrow. However, you have the option to choose from a range of colors, including red, green, blue, or white, available through a special order. Deegee provides models for 24Vdc, 115Vac, and 230Vac to suit your specific requirements.


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