Product Description


IPN/025 Series

LED Status Signal

Pulsed LED "BRAND" Signal


  • 200mm x 150mm x 80mm
  • IPN/LED/025
  • "BRAND" LED Indicator Panel
  • Clear and unambiguous signal
  • 24Vdc, 115Vac and 230Vac models
  • User selectable intensity levels - 100% / 25%
  • User selectable flashing or static operation
  • Red LEDs with red lens
  • IP65

LED Colour


Incorporating the latest technology in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), configured into a high-density matrix, our product delivers a dedicated, clear, distinct, and persistent warning signal. The standard unit prominently displays the word “BRAND” in red with a red lens. However, you can choose from a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, or white, available through a special order.

Units offer the flexibility to be set to either pulsed or static modes, along with a choice of two preset intensity levels (100% or 25%) using internal jumper links.

Deegee provides models for 24Vdc, 115Vac, and 230Vac, featuring a simple 2-wire connection for easy integration into your system. All units are securely enclosed within an IP65 UV-stabilized polycarbonate housing measuring 200x150x80mm, ensuring robust protection against various environmental elements.


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