Product Description


ISB-C Series

Combi-AV Sounder Beacon

12 dB Multi-tone Sounder with Integrated LED Beacon


  • 85mm High x 94mm Diameter
  • IP66
  • 32 Tone combinations
  • Maximum output 112dB(A)
  • High intensity LED array integrated into horn
  • Clear horn with red, amber, green, blue or white LEDs
  • Internal volume control
  • 10-40Vdc, 55-230Vuc (45-230Vac/55-230Vdc) models
  • ISB-C/UC/55-230/LED is ideal for use with a 110Vdc or 48Vac supply
  • ISB-C/DC/10-40/LED is ideal for use with either a 12Vdc or a 24Vdc supply
  • 2-wire connection with switch-selectable third-wire for either: Alternate tone selection or independent selection of sound and LEDs
  • Compatible with full Series B and Series C ranges to provide a fully customized and integrated signalling solution
  • Standard white ABS base with clear transparent horn, optional red base available
  • Suitable for BESA box mounting
  • Side and Base entry

Available Lens Colours


The ISB-C Series is a multi-tone sounder with an integrated LED beacon, boasting a maximum output of 112dB. This device perfectly complements Deegee's standard Series B & Series C industrial product range.

The circuitry is firmly affixed to the lens cap assembly, providing convenient access to the terminal block for wiring. Additionally, it includes a tone selector switch and volume control, facilitating the easy installation of bases and wiring while ensuring the secure storage of electronics for phase 2 integration.

The cap attaches to the base through a bayonet fitting mechanism, complete with an O-ring seal, securely fastened by a single grub screw. There are no other external attachments, and all connections between enclosure components are safeguarded by O-rings.

For power, a straightforward 2-wire connection is employed to activate the sounder, with the option of a second-stage tone available via a third wire. You can select from 32 different tone combinations using an internal DIP-switch array. Additionally, the maximum volume can be adjusted via an internal preset control. This versatile unit can function as either a light-only or light+sound device.

Standard units come with a white ABS base and a clear lens. You also have the option to choose between red and white ABS base moldings to either match or distinguish them from your existing equipment.


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