Product Description


ISB-R Series

Combi-AV Sounder Beacon

LED Beacon with Integrated 92dB Sounder


  • 100 High x 123 Diameter
  • IP54
  • Electronic sounder with integrated low-power LED visual warning signal
  • Maximum output 92dB(A)
  • Sound follows cadence of LEDs
  • 4 operating modes - selectable via on-board DIP switch:
    • Static with Continuous tone
    • Single-Flash (SH) [Beep------Beep...]
    • Triple-Flash (TH) [Beep-Beep-Beep------Beep-Beep-Beep...]
    • Quintuple-Hit (QH) [Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep------Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep...]
  • 10-40Vdc and universal 115V-230V ac/dc models
  • ISB-R/UC/115-230/LED is ideal for use with a 110Vdc supply
  • 2-wire connection
  • Suitable for BESA box mounting
  • Base entry

Available Lens Colours


The ISB-R Series low-power combined sounder/beacon, featuring a range of operating modes including single-flash, triple-flash, five-flash, and static. The sounder is synchronized with the LED flash, creating a cohesive alert.

This versatile device includes an internal DIP switch for selecting the desired operating mode:

Static Mode: In this mode, the beacon operates continuously without flashing.

Single Flash Mode (SH): The beacon emits a single flash followed by a pause.

Triple Flash Mode (TH): This mode produces three consecutive flashes followed by a pause.

Quintuple Flash Mode (QH): It generates five consecutive flashes followed by a pause.

The ISB-R Series is built with a robust white ABS base and a polycarbonate lens. The circuitry is securely fixed to the base assembly, offering easy access to the terminal block for wiring. This design facilitates the straightforward installation of bases and wiring during the setup process.


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