Product Description


ISB-T Series

Combi-AV Sounder Beacon

114 dB Multi-tone Sounder with Integrated LED Beacon


  • 171mm High, 150mm x 150mm Base
  • IP66 (Horn must not be mounted pointing upwards)
  • 64 Tone combinations
  • Maximum output 114dB(A)
  • Internal volume control
  • High intensity LED array integrated into horn
  • 12Vdc (Red & Amber only), 24Vdc, 24Vac/dc, 115-230Vac/dc and 45-65Vac/55-95Vdc models
  • ISB-T/UC/115-230/LED is ideal for use with a 110Vdc supply
  • ISB-T/UC/24/LED is ideal for use with either a 24Vdc or a 24Vac supply
  • 2-wire connection with third-wire/fourth-wire for alternate tone selections
  • Compatible with full Series T, U and V ranges to provide a fully customised and integrated signalling solution
  • Standard black polycarbonate base
  • Side entry

Available Lens Colours


The ISB-T Series is fully compatible with Deegee's entire Series T, U, and V ranges, offering a versatile and fully customized integrated signaling solution.

The circuitry is securely affixed to the lens assembly, ensuring convenient access to the terminal block for wiring. It also includes a tone selector switch and volume control, simplifying the installation process for bases and wiring while ensuring the safe storage of electronics for phase 2 integration.

The cap is fastened to the base using a custom gasket and is further secured by three screws.

Key features of this product include:

  • Dedicated Electronic Sounder/Beacons designed for general-purpose audible alarm applications.
  • It provides a maximum output of 114dB (A) and boasts an IP66 rating. With a selection of 64 different electronic sound tones and an internal volume control.
  • You can choose any of the 64 tone combinations through an internal DIP-switch array.
  • Powering the sounder is as simple as a 2-wire connection, with the option of second and third-stage tones available on third and fourth wires.
  • The product comes preconfigured, allowing the beacon and sounder to operate together. Additionally, it includes internal links and secondary terminals for independent control by installers.
  • It accommodates a full range of supply voltages, including 10-30Vdc, 24Vac, 115-230Vuc, and 45-65Vac/55-95Vdc units. (uc = ac or dc)
  • The device features a black polycarbonate base, with the option of a red lens (for red units) or a clear lens (for amber, green, blue, and white units).
  • It is supplied with a cable gland and an anti-condensation breather element for added convenience and functionality.


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