Product Description


PSC/4PL Series

Pulsed LED Beacon

Pulsed LED Beacon 85mm High x 94 Diameter


Low-power LED multi-function beacon with 8 operating modes that are selected by way of a 3-way DIP switch.

  • IP65
  • Pulsed LED Signal
  • Very low current consumption
  • 24Vdc only
  • Suitable for BESA box mounting
  • Side and Base entry
  • Operating mode is easily configured at installation
Operating Modes
  • Static

  • Standard Pulse

  • Slow Pulse

  • Fast Pulse

  • Triple Flash

  • Quintuple (5) Flash

  • Strobe - 1 pulse per second (1Hz)

  • Mixed Flash (250+125+55+55 mS).

Available Lens Colours


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