Product Description



I.C.A.O. Warning Signal

ICAO LED Obstacle Warning Beacon 135mm High x 94 Diameter


Designed as a great value beacon for compliance with the ICAO Annex 14 regulations for Low Intensity Obstruction Warning Type A and CAP168 Group A. With a nominal power consumption of 4W, these beacons are ideal for many sites, particularly where a number of units are required or a battery-backup system is in place.

  • IP66
  • Static (non-flashing) LED beacon
  • 10-55Vdc and 115-230Vuc models available
  • 360° All-round visibility
  • Meets ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 6 requirements for Low Intensity Obstruction Warning Type A (>10Cd)
  • CAP168 Low Intensity obstacle (Group A)
  • LED obstruction light certified in accordance with German BMVBS regulations
  • Side and Base entry
  • Clear ribbed lens with Red LEDs

Available Lens Colours


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