Product Description


MTF-E Series

Flanged Electric Vibrator

Increased safety electric vibrators with top mounting flange


The MTF-E series has been designed for use in industrial processes in environments with a potentially explosive gas and dust atmosphere, in compliance with ATEX Directive (94/9/CE).

In particular, the MTF-E series can be used in areas 1 and 2 (gas) and areas 21 and 22 (dusts).


Power Supply

Three-phase voltage from 220V to 690V, 50Hz or 60Hz; suitable for use with a PWM frequency drive from 20Hz to the base frequency with constant torque load profile.


2 or 4 poles


Continual service (S1) at maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power

Centrifugal Force

Range extended up to 2615 Kgf. (27.5 KN)

Insulation Class

Class F (155°C)

Electric motor

Three-phase asynchronous type

Insulated windings using vacuum encapsulating up to size 30; using the “drop by drop” trickle system with class H resin for sizes 40-50-70



II 2 D

Level of Protection

Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db

Temperature Class

Class F (155°C)

CE Certificate

LCIE 06 ATEX 6092 X

Areas of Use

1, 2, 21, 22


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