Product Description


MVT & MVTX Series

Foot Mounted Electric Vibrator

Explosion-proof screen electric vibrators


The MVT, MVTX explosion-proof screen vibrators have been designed for use in industrial processes in a potentially explosive atmosphere. They are used for industrial processes on screens. The enclosure of these screen vibrators is equipped with increased thickness and joints to prevent the transmission of an internal explosion to the surrounding area. Explosion-proof screen vibrators bear the UL, cUL, ATEX and IECEx markings


Power Supply

Three-phase voltage from 120V to 690V (limit at 600V for UL and CSA certification), 50Hz or 60Hz; suitable for use with a PWM frequency drive from 20Hz to the base frequency with constant torque load profile


4 poles typical; 2, 6, 8 poles also available


Continual service (S1) at maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power

Centrifugal Force

Range extended to 7930 Kgf. (77.8 KN)

Insulation Class

Class F (155°C)

Electric motor

Three-phase asynchronous type

Insulated windings using the “drop by drop” trickle system with Class H resin

The rotor is die cast aluminum.


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