Product Description


MINI model is small, lightweight and reliable; it is used to remotely control the most various electrical systems (operating distance: 150 mt).

  • The use of hard-wearing materials and of ease of use and recognized commands make this industrial handheld transmitter suitable also in the civil field.
  • The control panel is customizable (on request) and resists intensive use.
  • The MITO electronics provides an automatic search of the best available free frequency even while operating (bi-directional LBT Listen Before Transmit system).
  • The identification code is unique and the transmission is clear from possible interference from any other system present in the area of use. Available configurations: from 2 up to 8 simultaneous channels, in addition to the functions of start and stop.
  • Internal lithium battery, 50 hours continuous working and quick charging.
  • Each receiver can be combined with up to 20 transmitter units by granting the uniqueness of the transmitted command.

The standard package includes: transmitter, receiver, power supply, charger casing, transmitter holder, user manual.


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