Product Description


Mito PIC is a compact waistbelt radiocontrol, PICCOLO (small) and lightweight, robust and reliable, to control forestry winches, without being restricted to a cable.

  • Standard Configuration consists of 3 selectors and emergency mushroom-shaped stop button allowing for a total of 5 commands. With a second function toggle, up to 8 commands.
  • The customizable, anti-reflection panel, is made of durable materials and remains effective even in harsh and particularly heavy applications.
  • The Flashing “CHECK” led indicates to the operator that the receiver is connected and ready to receive the commands sent.
  • The replaceable internal lithium battery, offers a continuous transmission of up to 50 hours. The Transmitter is charged with USB power supply and ELCA-CLIP connection cable.
  • LBT transmission system logic (Listen Before Transmit) which automatically searches, bi-directionally, for the best available free frequency. Identification code is unique and immune from possible command interference from any other systems in the area of use.

The PIC transmitter can replace the ALPI model, and be paired to the already installed MINI receiver.


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