Product Description


Mito Vetta is a radio remote control for single and double drum forestry winches developed and produced by ELCA. The full panel has 5 selectors and emergency mushroom-shaped stop button. This is the model preferred by professionals who want a dedicated toggle for each function.

  • The replaceable internal lithium battery, uses a dedicated ELCA-CLIP charging system with integrated charging system which allows up to 50 hours of battery life (one week of intense work).
  • LBT technology (Listen Before Transmit) is able to work continuously without any radio disturbances. The system is suitable for all kind of winches, including those equipped with hydraulic unwinding device.
  • VETTA is compact and lightweight (400g), resistant to falls and external elements (IP65). The integrated belt loop, is practical and suitable for all types of belts.

The complete VETTA kit includes: transmitter, receiver, battery charger, waist belt and possibility of plug and play receiver wiring with 7/13 pole connector.

The VETTA transmitter can replace the ALPI model, and be paired to the already installed MINI receiver.


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