Product Description

Sprint Electric


AC Control

High-performance digital 2Q AC Slip-Ring motor controller with 12V - 500VAC supply voltage and output power up to 595kW.


High-performance digital 2Q AC Slip-Ring motor controller with 12V - 500VAC supply voltage and output power up to 595kW.



595 kW @ 415 Volt AC

800 HP @ 415 Volt AC

925 HP @ 480 Volt AC

100% Output Current 1025









Interline device networks

High energy MOV's

Instantaneous over-current

Motor over-temperature

Thyristor stack over-temperature

Mains supply phase loss

Mains synchronisation loss

Speed feedback failure

Stall protection

Standstill logic

Thyristor 'trigger' failure

Digital output short circuit

Analogue Inputs

8 total (resolution 2.5mV+sign)

All configurable

All have programmable thresholds and 4 voltage ranges

+/- 5/10/20/30V

All inputs are over voltage protected and can also be utilized as digital inputs

Analogue Outputs

4 total (resolution 2.5mV+sign)

1 armature current output

3 configurable

All outputs are short circuit protected

Digital Inputs

17 total

All configurable

Digital Outputs

7 total (24V logic 350mA total)

Short circuit protected

Over temp and over voltage protected

All configurable

Standard Software Functions

Full suite of centre winding macros

Motorised pot simulator with memory

2x PIDs (undedicated)

2x Summers (undedicated)

2x Filters (undedicated)

Delay timer

Current Profiling

Spindle Orientation

Jog/Crawl functions

Dual motor swap


Linear or S ramp

Slack take up

Batch counter

Draw control

Auto self-tune current loop - 3 user programmable drive configurations

Alarm Status

First fault latched and automatically displayed.

Fault automatically saved at power off


All analogue input voltages

All digital input states

All analogue output voltages

All digital output states

Tachogenerator voltage

Motor armature current (amps)

Motor field current (amps)

Motor armature volts

Output power

AC supply volts

Field Configurations

Fixed current

Fixed voltage

Field weakening

Delayed quenching - Standby field value - Field economy


Ambient operating temperature

0-40 ̊C (2050A 2250A 35°C) - 25 to +55 ̊C storage

Steady State Accuracy

0.01% Encoder feedback with digital reference.

0.1% Analogue tachogenerator feedback

2% Armature voltage feedback

0.01% Encoder + tach, encoder + AVF or encoder only feedback

Maximum encoder frequency 100KHz


CE marked to EN50178: (low voltage directive)

EN50082-2:1995: Immunity industrial environment

EN50082-1:1997: Immunity residential commercial and light industry

EN50081-2:1993: Emissions industrial environment (EN55011 Class A)

EN50081-1:1992: Emissions industrial environment (EN55022 Class B)

UL and cUL listed 12-630Amps

UL and cUL pending 650-2250Amps

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