Product Description

Sprint Electric

SL Series

DC Control

Analogue 2Q/4Q DC Drives delivering output current up to 330A to control motors up to 145kW


The SL Series comprises a range of analogue 2Q / 4Q DC Drives delivering output current up to 330A to control motors up to 145kW. For users who prefer or require analogues control loops, the SL Series provides an economical, compact and reliable control platform. The SL/X range provides 2Q / 4Q operation across 11 models from 5kW - 145kW output power. The SLE Series is a single direction 2Q DC Drive with 4 models from 14kW - 44kW output power.



Compact, Reliable & Economical

The SLE drive has been specifically designed at a cost and size to benefit OEMs without any compromise in specification, reliability or performance. Its compact footprint (250mm x 204mm) enables additional savings and ensures easy integration within new designs or trouble free installation when retrofitting

Energy Efficient

The 4Q models improve your energy efficiency by regenerating energy into the mains supply whilst under braking. The energy invested accelerating the load mass is recovered when braking. No dissipation of energy in wasteful braking resistors. With fully isolated control electronics and a wealth of I/O, the SL/X is easy for you to integrate with other drives and equipment. The SL/X has a built-in field weakener for extended speed range to allow you greater control of high motor speed applications.


All Models

2 and 4 Quadrant versions available

Available from 5KW to 145KW

Extra 50% peak torque for rapid acceleration or shock loads

Zero reference interlock facility ideal for extruder applications

Numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection

Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting

Output signals for easy display of motor speed and load

Switched maximum current ranges for easy matching to motor current rating

Compact size, saves panel space and makes for easy retrofitting

Ultra stable potentiometer reference for optimum long term speed and torque stability

On board relay indicates zero speed and/or motor overload (and some models - stall)

Isolated control electronics for easy connection to other drives/equipment

Some Models

User adjustable input and output signals:

  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Max motor speed
  • Min motor speed
  • Max motor current
  • IR compensation
  • Stability
  • Jog speed

Adjustable field output for easy motor matching

Built in field weakener for extended speed range

Configurable field bridge for easy motor field voltage matching

240V and 480V 50/60HZ AC operation

User selectable wide AC supply range, 380 - 480V or 200-240V

High accuracy armature voltage feedback mode eliminates the need for additional tacho

Automatic economy field mode protects motors in cold climates

PLC compatible input and output signals

Field current input for constant horsepower applications

Delayed field quench for secure emergency stopping

Switch selectable feedback calibration - no component changes

Switch selectable Tachor Armature voltage feedback

Numerous inputs and outputs for complex system applications

S ramp facility

4-20mA and 0-20mA loop input option as standard


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