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Length Measurement System

Ultra compact length measuring system


The LMSLA12 measuring system is a perfectly tuned, pre-assembled complete system with incremental shaft encoder, linear equalization encoder holder and measuring wheel.

  • Complete system, consisting of incremental encoder, linear equalization encoder holder and measuring wheel
  • Excellent print layout, thanks to a resolution of 0.008 mm/pulse
  • Various measuring wheels for different surfaces available
  • High service life, thanks to highest bearing loads and parallel guided free from backlash


The new measuring system LMSLA12 is a perfectly tuned, pre-assembled complete system for use in the field of marking and labelling. The system, consiting of an incremental encoder from the WDGI series, a encoder holder with 25 N contact pressure and a non-slip measuring wheel, is used to continuously measure the speed in many different types of marking systems. The position of the product to be labelled is determined based on this measurement.

As a last stage of the packaging process, the product labelling or marking system uses this exact positioning information to mark, among other things, cardboard, packaging, labels, bottles and other materials accurately and in a superior print quality.

Codes of any kind, brand logos and graphic designs, batch and lot numbers and sell-by dates are applied using inkjet processes or special inks, for example.

The components of the measuring system are perfectly matched and guarantee utmost precision and a long service life.

  • With their IP65/67 protection, the encoders in the WDGI series are designed and adapted for use in harsh industrial environments.
  • With a permissible radial load of 220 N on the shaft, the measuring system can be mounted securely without slipping and has a high pretensioning force.
  • The encoder ist delivered with a 8-pin M12 connector. Please choose the suitable cabel form our standard program. KI867 straight or KIA867 angular connector.
  • The specially selected surfaces of the different Wachendorff measuring wheels guarantee non-slip properties in all areas of application - even at very high production speeds.
  • The encoder holder is a special development with two slot holes for flexible mounting.
  • Exceptionally high repeat accuracy combined with a very high resolution of the WDGI encoder of up to 25,000 PPR (0.008 mm/pulse) guarantees an accurate marking position.

Wachendorff LMSLA12

Wachendorff LMSLA12


For detailed specifications, refer to the LMSLA12 Data Sheet in Downloads or visit the manufacturer's website.


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