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Motor feedback installation kit


Motors in production machines, mobile work machines or shelf systems, in medical technology or in production robots require a feedback signal, from a encoder, for example, to be able to get into position quickly and precisely.

The encoder can be mounted on the outside of the motor as a complete, closed assembly for larger motors.

Wachendorff's magnetic technology now makes it possible to equip smaller step or servo motors with an absolute encoder system. WDGA absolute encoder electronics have a compact design, which makes this possible.

An absolute encoder kit, which then can be integrated into very compact motors, was developed from this idea.

The Wachendorff kit offers clear advantages compared to resolvers, magnetic sensors with backup batteries and encoder kits with optical scans and gearboxes. Due to the higher level of robustness against vibrations and other environmental stresses as well as the faster assembly, the company Wachendorff is expecting another step of creative destruction, which they already predicted ten years ago with the introduction of the EnDra® technology.


Motor Feedback of the Latest Generation

With a high 16-bit singleturn resolution and 43-bit multiturn, installation solutions are ideal for applications which are dependent on mechanical robustness and high accuracy. The interface submits the complete position value for evaluation. The singleturn position resolution for 16 bit is 65.536 steps per revolution. Depending on requirements, multiturn can resolve up to 43 bit. The maintenance-free installation solutions can manage without a gearbox and back-up battery This ensures that the mechanics have a high durability and they are environmentally-friendly — Thanks to EnDra®.

  • With EnDra®, no battery and no gears
  • Wide temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C (+105 °C on request)
  • The highest dynamics (50µs) and accuracy (0.09°) in a magnetic system
  • Very small and compact design
  • High reliability
  • Complete encoder or installation set
  • Singleturn / multiturn
  • Possible interfaces for the motor circuit board: SSI, CANopen

The Function Principle of EnDra® Technology

Wachendorff WDGA installation solutions do not require a mechanical gearbox to record the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation. Instead, the revolutions are determined by an energy wire (EnDra®): A permanent magnet accumulates so much energy in the wire that 'revolution' and 'direction of rotation' information is transferred to the evaluation electronics at a defined position. An external energy supply e.g. via battery, is not required for this. As a result, the system works in a way that is fully independent, with no need for maintenance.

Wachendorff EnDra

Ready-to-Use Rotary Encoder

The WDGA36A Closed Absolute Encoder or WDGA36E Closed End Hollow Shaft Encoder can be acquired from Wachendorff as a ready-to-use solution. With their 36 mm casings, the encoders are extremely compact. The encoder is directly assembled in the motor or on the motor shaft and connected to the motor circuit board via a cable. It is no longer required to start up the encoder separately in the motor. The encoder is ready-to-use instantly.

Wachendorff Ready-to-use Rotary Encoder Motor Feedback

Installation Set

The installation set for the motor assembly, consists of a single/multiturn WDGA circuit board and the appropriate magnets. The motor function was designed to be electric, inductive and mechanic with this set. For instance, mechanical shielding in the motor takes place via an iron casing. The mass production commissioning requirements are defined by the client.

Wachendorff Motor Feedback Installation Set


Temperature Range

-40 °C up to +85 °C (+105 °C on request)

On-board Interface

A choice of SSI or CANopen, on request: BiSS-C and others

Single Turn Resolution

Max. 16 bit

Overall Multi Turn Resolution

up to (16 + 43) bit




50 µsec

Supply Voltage

4.75 VDC up to 32 VDC

Dimensions (HxD)


37.1 mm x 36 mm (measured via a torque support)


31 mm x 36 mm (measured on the flange)

WDGA Installation Set

4.7 mm x 33 mm (circuit board only)


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