Product Description



Installation Kit

Measuring system intallation kit


Installation kit for frequency controlled lifts with shaft encoder.

  • Complete retrofit set
  • Quickly and reliably fitted with the aid of the accessories
  • Cost-effective modernisation solution
  • TTL, HTL output
  • Threads: M8, M10, M12, M16, and M20

The kit consists of:

  • Encoder
  • Mounting angle
  • Shielded cable 15 m length
  • Double loop coupling
  • Shaft adapter


Incremental hollow shaft encoders are used with drive motors, particularly in the fields of lift construction, crane technology and wind energy

Drive motors that are controlled directly only work optimally at their nominal speed. In order to generate a suitable level of torque as soon as the motor starts running, special switches are used in the motor (such as the Y- Δ transformation).

Through the use of converters, the torque of a drive can be used more productively as soon as the drive is started up and over a wider speed range.

In order to be able to make use of converters with older motors, an incremental encoder is needed to determine the speed. It can usually be mounted on the shaft behind the motor. This creates a mechanical connection between the encoder and the motor shaft using a shaft adapter with the appropriate threaded hole. Depending on the design of the encoder, the shaft adapter is connected to the encoder either directly or via a flexible double-loop coupling. Wachendorff's mounting kits offer you the highest level of flexibility. In addition to an encoder, a set of shaft adapters with the main thread diameters and a ready-to-use connection cable are also included. The mounting kit for the solid shaft encoder also includes a mounting angle and a double-loop coupling


For detailed specifications, refer to the WDGAS 58B Data Sheet in Downloads or visit the manufacturer's website.


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