Product Description



Redundant Encoder


Wachendorff Automation combines its core competencies of optical and magnetic sensor technology in a 58 mm housing.

  • Robust redundancy industrial encoder
  • Protection class IP67, at the shaft IP65
  • High interference immunity
  • High bearing loads: up to 220 N radial / 120 N axial
  • Two full-fledged encoders in one housing
  • Diversity through two measuring principles - optical / magnetic
  • High performance level achievable in combination with safe controllers or e.g. safe speed monitor
  • Compact design with bus cover
  • Optical up to 5000 ppr - magnetic up to 1024 ppr



By using our sensor systems, which have been tried and tested over many years and developed in-house, we focus on extreme reliability. For more than 20 years we have experience in the development of incremental optical encoders and for 10 years we have been developing magnetic incremental and absolute encoders.

This enables us to produce not only one redundant encoder, but a variety of redundant encoders that are perfectly matched to each other. Diversity means that we specifically increase reliability by using different measuring principles and as few identical components as possible. The basic idea behind this approach is that the different sensor platforms also react with different sensitivities or insensitively to disturbances of any kind and therefore do not fail simultaneously, so that the post connected electronics can reliably detect this possible failure.

Wachendorff WDGR 58B Redundant Encoder

High Performance Levels and Lower Costs

For the implementation of a safety function in accordance with e.g. Performance Level d or SIL 3, not all components necessarily have to meet the safety requirements directly. Often the required safety level can be achieved with redundant information and the appropriate control system. In concrete terms, our redundant standard encoders provide diverse (magnetic and optical) signals that are generated completely independently of each other, but can still be correlated with each other. Even the supply voltage is available separately for each sensor unit. Almost all safety-related control or monitoring systems have conventional inputs. This makes it possible to use inexpensive standard components with high-quality redundant encoders from a process-controlled assembly and to achieve the required safety level cost-effectively.

Wachendorff WDGR 58B Redundant Encoder


Clamping Flange

Ø 58 mm


Ø 10 mm

Protection Housing

IP65, IP67, shaft sealed to IP65


Magnetic up to 1024 ppr, optical up to 5000 ppr

Signal Shape

Magnetic square-wave, optical square-wave or sine/cosine


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